WHO Gears Up to Fight COVID-19 With Blockchain Platform


Hello all, In this article, let us see How Blockchain has been deployed by WHO to effectively track and diagnose the COVID Infected people.

We often see cases where people who have a travel history or infected with CORONA virus are not revealing the status as they feel low and don’t want to show the status.

And the global cases were on high numbers and keeps on growing day by day. And we often don’t trust these numbers as there is a high chance of data being hidden or remain undisclosed.

A robust blockchain-based tracking platform is required to show the real numbers and thus ensures the public confidence on the statistics. Information shall be uploaded by reliable sources on to the blockchain which acts as a single source of trust.

Moreover maintaining the confidentiality of infected people is ensured by this network thus providing greater trust for people to disclose their infection status.

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As the coronavirus epidemic has spread all across the globe and infected over 7,87,000 and killed more than 37,000 people, World Health Organization has decided to launch its own blockchain-based platform for global information and monitoring of the COVID-19 pandemic.

IBM and Oracle are entrusted with the responsibility of developing a coronavirus data hub for WHO blockchain. The WHO blockchain platform will take up the responsibility of verifying the legitimacy of the data related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The World Health Organization has emerged as a specialized agency of the United Nations. It bears responsibility for world public health.

According to reports, the WHO has inked an alliance with Oracle, IBM, Hacera, and Microsoft to create its independent coronavirus pandemic data-sharing platform. The initiative will be known as MiPasa that will rely on Hyperledger Fabric. The platform is likely to help in diagnosing those who got infected with COVID-19 in a timely manner.

Reports suggest that MiPasa seeks to assist the sharing of private details between people, public officials, and health institutions.

The platform is likely to emerge as some sort of “information highway” wherein the data pertaining to individuals infected with lethal coronavirus will instantly be exchanged with the necessary organizations. 

Various leading national health institutions are planning to contribute to the project that may include the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the USA, China, Europe, and the Hong Kong Department of Health, Canadian Government, and National Health Commission of China.

In order to keep yourself self, it has become imperative to stay at home, maintain complete social distancing, and venture out only in an emergency situation. These steps will prove highly beneficial in your fight against the spread of coronavirus.


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