Verizon Gets Patent for “Virtual Sim Cards”


Leading communications and technology company Verizon has been awarded a patent for using virtual subscriber identity modules (vSIMs) for customers’ devices.

“The system device initiates production of a blockchain such as a vSIM certification for the community solutions, whereas the vSIM certificate involves an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI). […] The vSIM could be recovered and utilized with any of distinct apparatus connected with the user accounts, moved between devices connected with the identical user accounts, or temporarily assigned to other users”

Security having an authentication code

VSIMs are fastened with a distinctive authentication code that precludes any parties from accessing it in case the authentication code obtained from a client’s device doesn’t match the authentication code filed using all the vSIM platform.

Efforts to bribe Verizon’s employees for SIM info

He had been advised he could make around $1,000 a week for moving clients’ telephone numbers onto fresh SIM cards.

Another Verizon employee asserted the hacker, that found him Reddit, promised they would earn”$100,000 within a couple of months” if he’d collaborate — all he needed to do would be”either trigger the SIM cards [the hacker] if [he had been ] at work or contribute [the attacker ] Employee ID and PIN.”

Blockchain priorities

This summer, Verizon has been actively seeking to employ new recruits to get blockchain-related jobs, for example blockchain programmers. Specifically, Verizon submitted five openings to get a blockchain programmer on July 1. According to the list, successful


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