The Blockchain Saga Week:2


Our Exclusive Weekly Blockchain & Cryptocurrency news Update

In this 2nd Episode of Snapperbuzz Exclusive”The Blockchain Saga” I talk about

  1. Blockchain & Quantum Computing
  2. Answers to the 40 Most Asked Questions about Blockchain
  3. Smart Contracts
  4. Highcastle: Talking about Equity Crowdfunding and Security Tokens

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About the Host: Prashant Surana is Co-founder of Snapper Future Tech, India’s most promising blockchain technology and innovation Company . Prashant has been in Blockchain space since 2015, have spoken at over 30 international conference in 2018 alone. He is also an Leading Blockchain evangelist, investor and consultant helping startups to fortune companies to blitzscale and adopt blockchain within their existing ecosystem.

Disclaimer: All opinions shared are personal and is not an Investment advice. Investing in crypto’s is risky.


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