Survey: 40% of Millennials Look to Crypto at the Event of Recession


New data indicates 40 percent of millennials would rather put money into crypto assets in case of a downturn.

At a news release shared with Cointelegraph on Sept. 10, multi-asset investment system and societal media eToro cited a poll on generational investment ran from July 18 to July 31 one of 1,000 online investors at the United States. Respondents aged between 20 and 65 years symbolized Generation Z, millennials, and Generation X.

The poll found that over two-thirds of all U.S.-based investors are terrified of a downturn, and might think about converting a part of the stock portfolios into safer investments or hedge with crypto assets, commodities or property.

Millennials prefer crypto resources

Among survey participants, 40 percent of millennials stated they would rather put money into crypto assets when a downturn occurs, while 50 percent of Gen Z stated they’d choose property. In terms of Gen X, 38% stated they would hedge with products.

“We think that when a recession were to happen, we would see diminishing stock portfolios and expansion in other asset categories such as crypto, in addition to new fractional ownership versions. Historically, these investment opportunities are restricted to high net worth and institutional investors, but invention will be unlocking these opportunities for regular investors and obviously, these results demonstrate that the requirement is there.”
A recession could supposedly fuel investors’ fascination with fractional ownership and new asset types, with 92 percent of the most worried about a recession stating they’d possess fractions of famous artworks, landmark buildings and personal startups, one of other kinds of investments. Of respondents, 55% stated they would sell some of their stock portfolio to finance their investment in fractional ownership of the new kinds of assets.
Feb Hirsch, investors need more liberty compared to present financial status quo permits, which might help to participate younger investors.
A recent poll by Huru India revealed that large net-worth people in India are far more inclined to put money into Bitcoin (BTC) compared to other cryptocurrencies. Digital monies were the most favored asset total, although nearly half the respondents did not understand what cryptocurrencies were.


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