Starbucks to Track Its Coffee Products Using Microsoft’s Blockchain

Credit: Food and wine magazine

Founded in Seattle, Starbucks is an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain that operates over 30,000 locations worldwide. From way back in time, Starbucks has closely managed its supply chain sector, and even today, the company continues to look for ways to efficiently manage and control the sector so as to improve its operability.

“We have a world-class team of technologists engaging in groundbreaking innovation each day. Their inventiveness and intellectual curiosity are matched by their dedication to enabling the Starbucks experience, and this is increasingly critical to how technology has to show up for us,” says Gerri Martin-Flickinger, Starbucks executive vice president and chief technology officer.

Starbucks Partners with Microsoft

The international coffee giant is moving to give customers more information on its coffee products using a blockchain-based system that will track the coffee beans all the way from the farm to the coffee cups.  To achieve this, the coffee company is working with Microsoft to harness its Azure Blockchain Service it tracking coffee shipments globally. This merger makes it easy for Starbucks to trace its supply chains.

‘’Everything we do in technology is centered around the customer connection in the store, the human connection, one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time,” says Gerri.

The Bean to Cup program

With the partnership, Starbucks will implement Microsoft’s blockchain onto its platform and in return provide a more personal and seamless customer experience in all its stores. Microsoft’s blockchain will record every single change that takes place along the journey (from bean to cup) on a shared ledger, so as to provide a more transparent and traceable supply chain.

“This kind of transparency offers customers the chance to see that the coffee they enjoy from us is the result of many people caring deeply,” said Michelle Burns, SVP of Global Coffee & Tea at Starbucks.

Also, with Microsoft’s blockchain on board, Starbucks will be able to bring a new feature to its mobile app, giving customers detailed information on where the coffee was sourced from, roasted, and the tasting notes as well. Starbucks is also quite optimistic that the technology will also benefit growers by providing them with data such as where their coffee beans end up.


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