OKEx BTC Options Trading is Now Live


Following the successful simulation, OKEx is proud to become the first cryptocurrency exchange to offer fiat-to-token, spot, futures, perpetual swap, and options trading on the same platformOKEx (www.okex.com), the world’s largest spot and futures digital asset exchange by trading volume, has officially launched BTC options trading on its platform today following a successful simulation period. The BTC options market is now open to invited traders to experience the new product and it will open to public access on 9 January 2020. Based on the Black-Scholes pricing model with real-time data and daily settled in BTC, it provides traders extensive access to a variety of trading strategies ranging from the simple to sophisticated.

Developed from the ground up, OKEx options trading represents a complete upgrade of the platform’s trading architecture, backed by a faster, more stable and robust infrastructure. With the new offering of cryptocurrency options on its trading platform, OKEx is now comprised of spot with margin trading, futures, and perpetual swaps markets. Given the full suite of products, users can diversify trading strategies for hedging, income, or speculation.

Key Benefits of OKEx Options

  • Transparent price discovery at a one-stop trading environment
  • A robust anti-manipulation system, proven and recognized at several market crashes
  • Cryptocurrency Settlement, eliminating geographical limitations
  • Mark price at settlement time as settlement price
  • Mirrored futures, swap with underlying spot market, enabling diversified trading strategies
  • 24/7, API supported trading, non-stopping profit opportunity

“We are excited about the launch of options trading. Options are a unique instrument that enables traders to manage, price and hedge the volatility of crypto assets with a combination of options contracts. Options also give traders the ability to take advantage of more than just market direction. We welcome clients from different segments, especially from our institutional clients, who have shown the fastest-growing demand in derivatives trading, especially on futures and perpetual swap,” said Lennix Lai, Financial Market Director of OKEx. “Our mission is to build a fully-fledged digital asset exchange to provide better access to the token economy and decentralized finance for everyone globally. OKEx Options Trading is a major milestone in OKEx’s product development of cryptocurrencies as an emerging asset class. We look forward to the next product and technology breakthrough in 2020.”

For details, please check further on the OKEx Options User Guide.

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