IBM Podcast: How Blockchain is shaking up the ticketing industry


IBM Blockchain Pulse with the help of Matt Hooper who as quoted is exploring the current ticketing industry and how blockchain is really shaking things up spoke with two of the people behind the hot, new, and exciting ticketing start-up: True Tickets. True Tickets is helping provide digital customizable rights management for digital tickets to the ticketing issuer.

Through blockchain, they are providing a scalable and secure digital ticketing experience while integrating with existing ticketing platforms and customer relationship management (CRMs). The goal? Making buying, selling, and transferring entertainment tickets simple and safe!

You can access the podcast through the link below:

Episode 6: How blockchain is shaking up the ticketing industry – Blockchain Pulse: IBM Blockchain Blog

Blockchain Pulse Podcast Episode 6: The future of digital ticketing with Matt Zarracina, CEO of True Tickets; and Ken Lesnik, Head of Business Development.


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