EthCC is back with a focus on fast-tracking encounters between startups and investors with the launch of ‘EthVC’


PARIS 16 Jan 2020- ​EthCC​ (Ethereum Community Conference), the largest annual European Ethereumconference is back with a focus on fast-tracking meetings between startups and investors with ‘EthVC’ forits third edition taking place from 3-5 March 2020 in Paris organised by non-for-profit association,Ethereum France​.

“As we step into next decade, we remain committed to our mandate of creating meaningful communityconnections with the sole focus of enabling the industry to thrive. We also want to emphasise that wewelcome the global french-speaking community to participate in the Ethereum ecosystem,” ​Jerome deTychey, Founder and President of Ethereum France.

For the first time at EthCC, the Ethereum France team will be launching EthVC a new programme tofast-track meaningful relationships between the brightest companies and strategic investors.

There will be dedicated workshops and talks for investors to learn and keep up with the rapidly evolvingdevelopments in the blockchain industry.

“We want to support the start ups in the Ethereum community by linking them with the opportunity to pitchtheir projects to high-quality strategic investors who can propel their projects to their next stage of growth.It is also our hope that EthVC investor attendees will end up with a better understanding of blockchainthan their peers and have the most promising projects in their deal flows, ”​ said Tychey.

There will be dedicated workshops and talks for investors to learn and keep up with the rapidly evolvingdevelopments in the blockchain industry and on the agenda are pitch sessions, which will enable a selectcurated pool of companies to pitch their projects to investors.

Topics the conference will explore include developments in the Decentralised Finance (DeFi) world,Enterprises utilising Blockchain, updates on Eth 2.0 and the rollout of DAO (Decentralised AutonomousOrganisations).

A selection of speaker satEthCC3 will be addressing different subjects and addressing different levels of comprehension of the blockchain technology, through panel discussions, presentations and workshops.

They include:

●Fabian Vogelsteller​, ​creator of ERC-20 token standard and founder of LUKSO an ethereum sister network dedicated to mainstream applications. Fabian’s focus is on Blockchain usecases which are less interesting for ordinary users, as they are eit her very technical,financial focus,or too complicated to use. LUKSO focuses on creating an ecosystem for applications that are interesting for the 1billion people on social media,the fashion landscape and the creative industries;

●Ashleigh Schap, advisor at Uniswap​,a protocol for automated token exchange on Ethereum. Ashleigh will lead an indepth strategy work shop for crypto projects that are seeking to improve messaging around their products,develop business development strategies and scale their growth;

●EliBenSasson,Co-founder and Chief scientist at StarkWare,that is bringing scalability and privacy to blockchain susing STARK technology,they will be discussing the growing role of privacy and its role for the DeFi community;

●Christiane Ernst​,​product manager at Gnosis​,that is building newmarket mechanisms through blockchain based, decentralized platforms,enabling the redistribution of resources.Christiane will be talking about auction mechanisms for DEXs, and Gnosis’ new protocol for efficient,multidimensional order books that will move out of research and toward a 2020 public launch and…

●RyanGittelson,Co-founder of VirtuePoker,​ a(Peer-to-Peer)​Poker Platformusing Ethereum will be coming to EthCC 3 with an exciting announcement on the future of Virtue Poker. EthCC has seen over 250 speakers and 1100 attendees in previous years and is well known for bringing together the best and brightest minds of the industry.


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