Crypto ATMs are the new talk of the town and it is living upto the expectation as the number of Machines which are being installed worldwide has gone past the figure of 4000 Crypto ATMs worldwide as per the reports and data published by Coinatmradar, an industry leader in statistics aggregator.

As per a report published by Cointelegraph,

The current rate of growth is 4.9 new ATMs installed each day, according to Coin ATM Radar’s gauge scale — tipping into the highest speed class, despite persistently bearish market action.

Also, As per the reports till Jan 18, 2019 more than 4188 ATMs have been installed and are functioning worldwide.


The Growth

In 2014, only 4 functional Crypto ATMs existed but there was a humongous rise in the number of ATMs which escalated to 501 by the start of Jan 2016. This number kept on increasing exponentially in 2016 and by the end of 2017, more than 2000 ATMs were established across the Globe. This number almost doubled in 2018 and now there are more than 4188 ATMs world wide with almost 3-4 ATMs getting installed everyday on an average.

The United States of America is leading from the front with more than 2480 ATM machines installed in the Country and Canada being a far runner up so far with around 700 Crypto ATMs installed. Other leaders are Austria, UK & Spain with 263, 211 & 81 ATMs installed till date.

Location of the ATMs

As per the report published on the website as well as reported by Cointelegraph,

Out of a total of 4167 crypto ATMs worldwide, 71.8 percent are located in North America — 56 percent in the United States and 15 percent in Canada — 23 percent are in Europe, and 2.6 percent in Asia. 1.3 and 1.1 percent are in Oceania and South America respectively, and just 0.2 percent are located in Africa.
Within Asia, Hong Kong has the lion’s share of ATMs — accounting for 0.8 percent of machines worldwide — while in Europe it is Austria (6.4 percent), closely followed by the United Kingdom (4.8 percent).

Experts at Snapper are predicting that though the RBI master direction has restricted the crypto business in India, the second committee report might bring some happiness on the faces of all the traders and that day is not far away when India shall have its Crypto ATMs and become a part of this revolution.


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