Sovrin Community growth continues with Snapper Future Tech joining as one of the Stewards of the Sovrin Network

Steward diversity strengthens the decentralization and security of the Sovrin Network


Provo, UT, Oct. 3, 2019—The Sovrin Foundation, the international nonprofit that supports the governance of the Sovrin Network, is pleased to announce the addition of Snapper Future tech along with four organizations to its diverse group of Sovrin Stewards.

Sovrin Stewards are volunteer organizations that dedicate resources to operate and maintain the validator nodes which ensure the security and reliability of the Sovrin Network, a global public utility for self-sovereign identity (SSI). There are more than 70 Stewards worldwide supporting the Sovrin Network.

“The Sovrin Network is designed as a global public utility for identity, free from the control of any single government or corporate entity, and the Sovrin Stewards play a critical role in achieving that mission,” says Heather C. Dahl, Executive Director & CEO of the Sovrin Foundation. “The newest group of Stewards approved by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees is a perfect example of the decentralization the Sovrin Network has achieved. From global enterprises to startups to university departments, the Sovrin Network is governed by organizations all around the world.”

As a Sovrin Steward, Snapper Future Tech will help maintain the security and decentralisation of the Sovrin Network by running a validator node in consensus with the nodes run by the other Stewards. The Sovrin Foundation approves Stewards from a diversity of regions, industries, and sizes to ensure the network maintains decentralized and has the capacity to provide Identity for All.

Snapper Future Tech is India’s leading Enterprise blockchain technology and Innovations company. The company is building “ SnapCert -Trust Protocol for Certificates” and plans to integrate SSI capabilities  into the platform through the Sovrin Network.

“Identity management and data privacy are major concerns for the world in this Internet age,” says Naresh Jain, Co-founder of Snapper Future Tech. “Sovrin’s decentralized identifiers are not only building trust into the ecosystem but also giving control of digital identity into the individual’s hands. We are excited to be part of this ecosystem, as we look forward to integrate the decentralized network with SnapCert  for certificate  issuance, authentication and verification. With Data Breaching & privacy becoming key priority there’s need for SnapCert & Sovrin.

Earlier this year, the Sovrin Foundation established the Sovrin Alliance to provide its members the technical, business, and marketing guidance needed to support the development of an SSI proof of concept or pilot. As a nonprofit organization, the Sovrin Foundation depends on the generous contributions from the companies, organizations, and people that have joined the Alliance and are interested in supporting the advancement of self-sovereign identity. If you wish to make a donation or join the Sovrin Alliance, visit or email For more information about becoming a Sovrin Steward, please visit

To see the list of all Sovrin Stewards or to receive more information on how to become one, please visit


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