Chiness E-commerce Giant Alibaba will integrate Blockchain Technology


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba will incorporate blockchain technologies to its intellectual property system of international enterprises and manufacturers, local information outlet Sohu reported on May 23.

Ali Xizhi, the organization’s manager of intellectual property security, allegedly stated that Alibaba is in the process of updating the submitting of intellectual property rights by using blockchain. Alibaba will completely implement the technologies in September, and it’ll be enlarged to digital copyright protection, such as visual content.

The machine will supposedly allow digital deposits from global manufacturers to immediately link into the Internet Court via the blockchain-based Ali Intellectual Property Protection Platform (“IPP Platform”), offering a foundation for lawsuit rights protection. China has allegedly set up three Internet partners in Hangzhou, Beijing and Guangzhou to handle internet-related instances and permit plaintiffs to file their complaints online.

Back in March, Alibaba and Aerospace Information Co., a significant software developer and supplier, consented to make the most of the various brand technology”to actively incorporate resources and execute in-depth collaboration” from the fields of cloud computing solutions, taxation and finance, authorities occasions and blockchain engineering, amongst others.

Also in March, vice president of Alibaba Group Liu Song disclosed that the organization‘s strategies to implement blockchain technologies for cross-border distribution chains, together with the chance to associate with local authorities.


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