A Podcast Interview With Brian Behlendorf


Welcome everyone to another installment of the ABR Podcast Series.

Today we have Brian Behlendorf who is the Executive Director of Hyperledger. It’s a real privilege to have him on the show.

Brian has dedicated his career to connecting and empowering the Free Software and Open Source community to solve hard technology problems and have a positive societal impact.

He has done this wearing many different hats – as a startup company founder, as an advisor to the U.S. government, as a board member at various non-profits and consortia, as a YGL and employee of the World Economic Forum, as well as an investor too.

As the executive director of Hyperledger, he has been in this role since May of 2016, and he is based in San Francisco.

Just for the uninitiated, Hyperledger is an Open Source collaboration initiative hosted by the Linux Foundation.

Its charter is to build a set of distributed ledger or “blockchain” technologies that can be used for a wide variety of purposes and embedded inside the emerging next generation Internet technology stack.

As Executive Director, Brian’s role is to grow and nurture the community in the best traditions of other Open Source projects, such as Linux and Apache.


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